Bird Watching in Rishikesh

Bird watching is a healthy, eco-friendly hobby that can give you lifetime of pleasure and fascination free of cost. Bird watching requires patience, practice and a keen interest in birds. It is an enjoyable and challenging outdoor pastime that can interest people of all ages. Birding is an educative, exciting and a rewarding hobby.Bird watching requires no formal training. To be a successful birdwatcher simply the keen interest in observing the avian world can take you a long way.

What makes bird watching so exciting is that they are all around us, from a tree outside our house/office to a nearby park/garden. We are usually so busy in our daily lives that we completely ignore them. But fortunately, one does not necessarily has to go too far to take up bird-watching.

Most of the birds are creatures of habit. Some even follow a fixed arrival and departure time. But, to really understand the birds you need to understand the habitat they are found in. The edges of fields, streams, rivers and forest are all excellent places to see birds. The more habitats you go to the more variety of birds you will find. The best time for bird-watching is early morning and early afternoon.

Bird Watching

India is a bird-rich country with about 1250 species recorded, representing about 13% of all avian species found in the world. Out of the 1250 species of birds found in India, Rishikesh is a home for over 400 species of birds. This means that over 4% of total bird species in the world can be found in Rishikesh, making it an ideal destination for bird watching.

Rishikesh is a paradise for bird-watchers. Some of the most beautiful birds can easily be spotted in Rishikesh. This list includes Peacock, Himalayan bulbuls, Kingfishers, Great Hornbills, Parrots and many more.

Neelkanth Valley is a great place for bird watching in Rishikesh. The valley is 4 kms away from Laxman Jhula, the perennial river flowing through the valley offers ideal habitat for variety of birds (specially those that feed on fishes) including various species of Kingfishers. The area also houses lots of Peacocks, Himalayan bulbuls, Great Indian Hornbills and ducks.

List of Birds to look out for in Rishikesh
Great Indian Hornbill Long-Tailed Minivet Black Bulbul Oriental White Eye Oriental Turtle Dove
Rufous-Bellied Eagle Changeable Hawk Eagle Grey-Headed Woodpecker Great Barbet Indian Peacock
Yellow-Billed Chough Red-Billed Chough Yellow billed babbler Ashy Dorongo Grey-Winged Blackbird
Pale Blue Flycatcher White-Browed Bush Robin Great Tit Common Stone Chat White-Tailed Nuthatch
Black-Lored Tit Himalayan Bulbul Hume's Warbler Grey-Hooded Warbler Common Kingfisher