Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Can I go for River Rafting if I dont know swimming?
Absolutely. Rafting is even more exciting when you do not know how to swim. The life jacket provided to you by us shall keep you afloat.
2. Can I choose difficulty level of my Rafting Trip?
Sure. We have 4 stretches to choose from: Basic (9 Kms), Standard(16 Kms), Moderate(26 Kms) and Advanced(36 Kms). Please feel free to customize your trip and include the rafting trip that you are most comfortable in.
3. Is Rafting safe for children and the elderly?
Anyone above 10 yrs of age can join the fun. Particularly the basic stretch is quite safe, with negligible chances of someone falling off the raft. With elderly you just need to ensure that there is no past history of heart ailments. We highly recommend the Basic stretch of rafting to the children and the elderly.
4. Travelling with children, is camping a good idea?
Camping with children is an excellent idea. Activities offered by us offer lot of opportunities for families to work together as a team. This allows children to open up to parents. It will be an experience that the whole family will cherish long after the holiday.
5. Is there electricity at the campsite?
There is electricity and sufficient lighting is maintained at our standard campsite. Due to government restrictions only lalterns/candles are allowed at the basic camp (Beach campsite).
6. How are the toilets at the campsite?
There are proper running water flush toilets at our standard campsite.
7. How far is the camp from the roadhead?
Unlike most other campsites which are a mile away from the roadhead, all our campsites are at a distance of 150-200mtrs from the roadhead and are quite comfortably accessible.
8. Where is Rishikesh?
Rishikesh is about 20 Kms from the holy town of Haridwar in Uttarakhand, India. About 245 Kms from the city of New Delhi.
9. How can I reach Rishikesh?
- Hire a cab or drive to Rishikesh from New Delhi (245 Kms).
- Take an overnight volvo from Delhi for Rishikesh. Daily Service. Can be booked online from
- By Train, the most suitable railway station would be Haridwar. One can easily hire a cab from here for Rishikesh.
- There are Daily flights from New Delhi to Jolly Grant (nearest airport).
10. What is the best time to come?
Plenty of information on this is available on our page Best season for rafting in rishikesh.
11. How far is Bungee Jumping Station from Rishikesh/Camp?
Bungee Station is located at Mohanchatti just 7 Kms from our standard riverside jungle camp. From our beach and deluxe campsite one will first have to reach Laxman Jhula and then travel 15 Kms to reach the Bungee Station. If you are planning to go for Bungee, staying at our Riverside Jungle camp is the most suitable option.
12. How do I book my trip?
In order to hold arrangements for your group, we require minimum 50% amount to be paid as advance at the time of making the reservations. We shall issue you the booking voucher on receipt of advance. Balance 50% is to be paid on arrival.

For more details, please feel free to call us on 9711762600