Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

If you are travelling to Rishikesh you really should try the rope activities offered by us. One of the most demanded activity is Rock Climbing in Rishikesh. As Rishikesh is located near the foothills of the the Great Indian Himalayas the nearby cliffs and mountainRock Climbing in Rishikesh ranges offer ample challanges and opportunities for Rock Climbing in Rishikesh.

We have a team of certified instructors from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi who will guide and encourage you for this adventure sports. The modern equipment and the techniques taught to you by our team of instructors will ensure your safety. Rock Climbing activity is not just a physical activity, it takes perseverance and presence of mind to complete the task of reaching the desired point gracefully.

Rock face is located very near to our campsite, our certified rock climbing instructors who have years of experience in carrying out mountaineering expeditions, will brief you regarding the equipment and various techniques used to climb the given rock face. Then he shall demonstrate it by climbing it himself, and simultaneously warning you about the challenging portions. You will be geared with safety harness, a helmet and given an opportunity to test your calibre at Rock Climbing.

This activity is believed to boost confidence and test both your physical and mental strengths. You will need stamina and faith to complete the task and once you are done you shall be rewarded with self-belief and confidence. So for your next trip do keep Rock Climbing in Rishikesh in your adventure checklist.

We offer multiple packages that include Rock Climbing activity, for detailed options please check our River Rafting packages for Rishikesh.