Educational Tours

Our Educational Tours are aimed at taking students away from the the classrooms and into the lap of nature. The activities offered are fun but have a component of challenge and high percieved risk. The tranquil atmosphere, close to nature encourages introspection which leads to personality and leadership development. The students are put in situations where they are suppoed to think critically and work as a team to complete series of objectives. Our campsites at Rishikesh are ideal for educational tours. Apart from providing a fun-filled experience, each exercise fosters qualities of self confidence, leadership, determination, dignity and purpose of labor and team spirit amongst its participants.

All programs are tailor-made to suit the age groups and objectives of the educational tour.

Some of the Key programs we offer:
  • Multiactivity School Trips
  • Summer Camps
  • Personal Development Tours
  • Industrial Tours
Multiactivity School Trips

Organized with the help of school authorities, we work with school teachers to incorporate adventure based learning. These programs include lots of Adventure activities and team games. The age group ranges from 8 to 17 year olds and average duration for such trips is 3-4 Nights. Activities included are trekking, rope courses, tea-building games, challenging team games and competitions.

Summer Camps

Usually 5-6 Nights in durations, the summer camp includes adventure activities combined combined with knowledge of arts and crafts, they are fun, challenging and rejuvenating for kids. We have fixed departure planned every month going to our campsites around Manali, Shimla, Kanatal, Nainital and Rishikesh.

Personal Development Tours

Aimed at enhancing confidence and develop communication and leadership skills. The challenging games and activities leads to critical thinking and better bonding among students. They learn to work together and understand the importanc eof teamwork. Team building activities help students develop a strong relationship with their fellow classmates and recreational actives build a sense of oneness among the group.

Industrial Tours

Educational tour for college students, Industrial Tours help students get the feel of the Industrial work culture. Apart from taking students to companies like ONGC and Ranbaxy near Rishikesh, we also take engineering students to Tehri Dam which is one of India's biggest and highest Hydro electricity project. List of Industries can be provided on request or as per Department Suggestion.